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Do Deer Eat Zinnias? Are Zinnias Deer Resistant?

Do Deer Eat Zinnias? Are Zinnias Deer Resistant? Learn to find out everything and whether you should plant these flowers or not!

Do Deer Eat Zinnias

Deers can wreak havoc on your well-maintained garden if you are not careful when it comes to which plants to grow and which ones to avoid. So, if you are wondering Do Deer Eat Zinnias, or Are Zinnias Deer Resistant, then we have some interesting information for you!

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Zinnia Plant Information


Zinnias are tiny, colorful flowers that bloom quickly and need minimal care. These characteristics make them perfect for someone who’s new to gardening.

You can find several variations in the shape and size of the plant and ensure that no matter what your gardening plans are, you can always find a type of Zinnia that suits your space.

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Do Deer Eat Zinnias?

Do Deer Eat Zinnias 2

Are Zinnias Deer Resistant? Well, the straight answer to this question is yes, they are. So, you don’t have to worry about deer munching on them as they dislike the taste of the flower and stay away from it.

They are also safe to grow in the garden as they are non-poisonous to other animals, such as dogs, cats, horses, and children.

Some Quick Tips to Keep Deer Off Your Property

  • Consider adding a fence to save your vulnerable flowers and other plants.
  • You can choose between wire, electric, or wooden fencing. Ensure the fencing is at least 8-10 feet high to keep them away.
  • If you install a fishing line around the garden, 3-5 inches above the ground.

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