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How to Invite birds on Balcony Garden

sunbird close up shotWe have seen in regular gardens, yards and barns that birds sweep across the trees, dive down on the shrubs and perch high on trees, these lovely little creatures sit on the flowers and drink nectar, songbirds sing in alluring tone and hummingbird twitters. Why don’t you have them on your balcony garden? Want to invite them, read this article.

1. Avoid Big Birds

Better hush them away. They are the problem— wreaking havoc, not let the litluns come in, especially crows and pigeons they are mess. You love hummingbirds, robins and cute leaping sparrows not them. Try not to leave your left over meal anywhere visible to them and whenever you see them, drive them away, they’ll not come.

2. Create Environment

The best option is to ‘grow plants’, create a garden, plan it according to them and try to make your place less noisy, it’s the most important point you should remember, no noise pollution. When these creatures will find a suitable environment they will love to come.

3. Bird Feeder

Additionally you can install a bird-feeder. They will come to feed on it. There are so many options to choose in bird-feeders, that’s the advantage.

4. Bird Food

You can buy bird food but really it will be OK if you let them eat the food from your home. Birds love to swallow up cereals, seeds or soft and crumbly food, especially bread crumbs, crushed biscuits and cooked rice. “*In my practice I have seen that they love sweet stuff more than any other”.

5. Bird House

Install it on your terrace, balcony or over the top of the tree swinging in your backyard, poll or trellis. It’ll look good and complement your place too, and think if a bird will come to live in it… lovely.

6. Install a pole

Birds come up on the trees, obviously there are no trees on balcony or terrace. In that case, bulwarks and railings are the points where they mostly perch on, you can also install a pole or something fancy like that, in a corner. A safe distance from you is important for birds, it will lure them to come freely.

7. Tie a Rope

If you want to save money, it’s the best idea, tie a rope or cable in a corner of your dinky balcony garden, especially in a direction where these birds directly come from to provide them a landing space.

Take these small steps to make your balcony garden full and lively with the chirrups of these creatures and make your mornings blissful.



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