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22 Cool Chair planter ideas for Home and Garden

Do you like to have unique and different things in your home and garden? If yes then these chair planter ideas will interest you for sure.

What do you do with an old or simply unnecessary chairs? You will throw them. But wait! You can grow plants in them and here in this article you will 22 creative, cool chair planter ideas for your inspiration.

Before you scroll below, first thing first, see how you can make a chair planter.

How to Make a Chair Planter

Method 1:

You can also insert a hanging basket and hang it on the chair

The simplest method to make a chair planter is to make a hole in the chair to fit a container in it. You can check out a step by step tutorial here.

Method 2:

diy chair planter

You can easily make a chair planter and place the pot in place of the attached seat by the first method. But much more spectacular look and “holistic” composition are possible from the use of wire basket.

In this method, you will need to remove the seat of the chair to expose the frame. You don’t need to make a hole in a chair this way. All you need to do is to select the correct size of the basket and insert it in the hole in place of existing seat.

22 Chair Planter Ideas

1. Indoor plants and succulents in chair planter

succulent chiar planter You can make a beautiful indoor garden or succulent garden on an old chair, and this will amaze your guests. Plant your favorite houseplants or succulents in that and place it in a room near a bright window or on the balcony.

2.succulent chair

3. Chair flower planter

chair planter (10)

Growing flowers in such a chair planter is a great idea to brighten up a dull area.


chair planter ideas

5. Create combinations

Create harmonious color combinations. For example, if the chair is gray, supplement it with bright yellow flowers. For white chairs, suitable colored flowers are pink, blue or red. Play with colors to find out which works for your garden most.

chiar planter flower combination 6.chair planter ideas 7.ideas-how-to-plant-flower-in-chair

8. Color the old chairs creatively

The chair looks too plain? Paint it, and you will get a tremendous decorative item. If you’re planning to keep it indoors, then be careful with colors and use only those that will suit your interior. But for a garden, paint your imagination and play with the colors.

Do not limit yourself to just one color – try combinations. Below are some pictures for inspiration.upcycled chair planter 9.2f5b90f10ed0937d1bab2e02e17a2964 10.cheap-garden-ornaments-and-accessories 11.garden-chair-planters-decorating-ideas garden-planter-chairs-miihh24s

12. Grow flowers from the ground

Your chair don’t have a seat? Or you don’t want to spend time on cutting hole and fitting pot? Try this no-make chair planter. Simply place the chair over the plants.

If the plants are low growing, file them out from the space between the legs of the chair, and it will work as a neat frame that will scaffold the trailing and spreading plants. Metal chairs here look effectively great with abundant flowering plants, including – roses.

Untitled-1 copy


14.yarrow chair planter

15. The chair entwined with plants

One of the coolest chair planter ideas. Old lawn chairs can be used to grow ground covers, wild spreading plants, and climbers that don’t flower. This type of green decoration looks very original, better than pruned boxwoods.




18. The vintage composition of old chairs and flowers

If you have old vintage chairs and you don’t want to do all the exercise of removing the seat, painting, or growing plants under the chairs then use them to put containers on them.

Be creative and use vases, unique pots, baskets, buckets and even some unexpected items like kettles or jugs.

original (2)

19.blog 006



22. Chair top repurposed as a shelf, legs removed


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