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Different Types of Pepper | Best Varieties of Pepper

Do you love peppers? While some are easy on the taste buds, some could be pure torture! So, how hot can you go? Here are the best Types of Pepper!

While peppers are mostly fruits except for a few, they are nothing close to being sweet or juicy. In fact, they force us to challenge our taste buds to enjoy the spiciness. If you want to try the different ones, then check out these best Types of Pepper!

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Best Types of Pepper

1. Banana Pepper

Types of Pepper

With a bit more tang than bell peppers, this sweet pepper is mostly used in sandwiches, salads, and pizza. You will usually spot them at Italian joints.

2. Piquillo Pepper

You will often notice this canned pepper in special grocery stores. They are often either pureed for sauces or baked, stuffed with cheese.

3. Pimento Pepper

They are considered a key ingredient in pimento cheese and also called cherry peppers. These peppers are not so spicy and are an excellent choice for stuffing.

4. Shishito Pepper


Shishito peppers are often drizzled with sauce or oil and make for a good appetizer. Usually, it is a tame kind of pepper, but there is always one spicy one in the lot!

5. Cuban Pepper

Types of Pepper 3

Also popular as Cubanelle and Cuban pepper, they are slightly mild when it comes to spiciness. Use it to flavor your favorite dishes instead of bell peppers.

6. Rocoto Pepper

The pepper looks like a bell pepper but tastes nothing like it. This one is a hot pepper and can make you reach for a glass of water pretty quick!

7. Poblano Pepper

Types of Pepper 4

Ancho chilis are a dried form of Poblano pepper. They have a mild to medium level of heat and are hotter than pimentos and banana peppers.

8. Pasilla Pepper

This one is popular in the sauce because of its mild heat. It often comes after the Jalapeno on the hotness test.

10. Bird’s Eye Pepper

Types of Pepper 5

This spicy pepper falls somewhere in between habanero and cayenne peppers in terms of heat. It is widely used in Thai cuisines.

11. Jalapeno Pepper

Hotter than Poblano and Anaheim peppers, Jalapenos are the ones that begin to bring in the spiciness. They are used in almost every dishes, soups, and salads.

12. Anaheim Pepper

Types of Pepper 6

Canned green chiles are mostly Anaheim peppers. They are less hot than habaneros and more like poblano.

13. Piri Piri Pepper


These are on the hotter side of peppers and edible mostly in Portuguese and African cuisines, as they are considered too hot.

14. Yellow Chile Pepper

Types of Pepper 8

This sweet kind of pepper range from too hot to very mild in terms of heat. These thick flesh peppers can be stuffed, cooked, used in pickles, and chopped up raw for salads.

15. Guajillo Pepper

These pepper will not burn your tongue like some of the varieties of peppers. Guajillo may look hot but it is more on the little sweeter side.

16. Habanero Pepper

Types of Pepper 10

These are one of the hottest available peppers in the world and hotter than jalapenos. However, underneath all the hotness, it has layers and hints of sweetness, too!

17. Fresno Pepper

These are a bit sweeter and spicer, and similar to jalapeno peppers. They are a top choice to use in Latin dishes such as soups, dips, stews, or fire roast.

18. Sweet Italian Pepper

Types of Pepper 11

The pepperoncini look similar to banana peppers and surprisingly also has a similar taste.  However, these are a bit tangier and less spicy.

19. Scotch Bonnet Pepper

Scotch bonnets are always compared to habaneros in taste and are widely used in Caribean cuisine. This is not the mild one so please consume this one with great caution!

20. Cayenne Pepper

Types of Pepper 12

Cayenne peppers are known to put your mouth on fire and are hotter than serranos. Besides red cayenne peppers, there are also cayenne gold peppers that are yellow in color.

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21. Serrano Pepper


Hotter than jalapenos but milder than habaneros, serrano peppers are sometimes minced. They are also used in guacamole and salsas.

22. Komodo Dragon Pepper


Komodo dragons are as hot as ghost peppers and can be well compared to them. These peppers taste sweet until the spiciness sets in.

23. Dragon’s Breath Pepper

This is one of the smallest peppers in size but also apparently one of the hottest. This pepper is not recommended for eating purposes and is not even available commercially.

24. Carolina Reaper Pepper

Types of Pepper 14

It is the king of the hottest types of pepper, even hotter than the Komodo Dragon pepper! Carolina Reaper is not available easily and widely, too.

25. Ghost Pepper


These are not as dangerous as Carolina Reaper but they are usually compared to the Komodo dragon pepper.

26. Padrón Peppers

Types of Pepper 15

These are usually mild and sweet in taste, but occasionally, this pepper could taste a lot hotter. It usually grows in Padrón in northwestern Spain.

27. Tabasco Pepper

Upon reaching its matured age, the pepper measures 1-2 inches in length and is bright red in color. It is smashed and mixed with vinegar and salt to make the famous Tabasco sauce.


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