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32 Wall Hanging Plant Decor Ideas

Make your walls more visually appealing by showing off your green thumb in style with these Wall Hanging Plant Decor Ideas.

You don’t always have to keep plants on the floor to enjoy the greenery indoors. Hanging them by the wall is also an option, and in this way, you can also save your plants from your pets.

Here are some great ideas for modern wall decoration

Wall Hanging Plant Decor Ideas

1. Rope Wall Planters

Wall Hanging Plant Decor Ideas

A simple yet effective approach, you can use ropes to hang planters of your choice on walls to grow different plants.

Check out these rope plant hanger ideas here

2. Plants from the ceiling

Image Source: idrinkcoffeeandgrowthings

Invite greenery to your bedroom by hanging multiple plants from a ceiling. This will also work as a headboard.

See more plant headboard ideas here

3. Mirrors with Dangling Vines

Wall Hanging Plant Decor Ideas 2

The reflection of dangling vines from the planters on the pentagon-shaped mirrors will look quite striking in the living room.

4. Pots on Wooden Board

You can have a wall planter like this to grow herbs.

5. A Wooden Branch to Hang Pots

Wall Hanging Plant Decor Ideas 3

Want to have a country-style planter? How about using a wooden branch to hang different pots like this one!

6. Hanging Metal Rack

Fix 2 or 3 metal shelves on the wall and place pots of your choice. Spilling houseplants will work best.

7. Hanging White Planters

Wall Hanging Plant Decor Ideas 4

If you are a fan of minimalistic design, then these planters should be your pick to grow air plants.

8. DIY Wood and Leather Trellis Plant Wall

Add a different look to your walls by using a wood and leather trellis. Here are all the details.

9. Hanging Planters in a Living Room

Wall Hanging Plant Decor Ideas 5

Use a pegboard to hang pretty plants in your room.

10. Pots, Lights, and a Wooden Frame

Using a pallet board, you can create a rustic candle+plant holder.

11. Hanging Succulents

Wall Hanging Plant Decor Ideas 6

Grow small succulents in style using hanging white pots.

Have a look at some beautiful succulent hanging garden ideas here

12. Pouches for Fake Plants

Put fake plants in pouches and hang them on the wall for a natural look. They also won’t ask for any maintenance.

13. DIY Plant Pockets

Wall Hanging Plant Decor Ideas 7

You can make these cute plant pockets using air-dry clay, rolling pin, canvas, and a ceramic pin tool. Details are here.

14. Macrame Plant Wall Hanger

This macrame plant wall hanger is a great option to display fake plants or plant cuttings in glass jars.

15. Hanging Containers with Lights

Wall Hanging Plant Decor Ideas 8

You can hang containers in a layout of your choice and highlight the arrangements using lights to make the surrounding area more beautiful.

16. Antique Banister Wall Planter

Bannisters, clear matte acrylic paint, D-ring hooks, and a power drill is all you need to make these charming hanging planters.

17. Hanging Terrarium Plants

Wall Hanging Plant Decor Ideas 9

A hanging terrarium will look elegant in any room, especially with glass bowls. You can keep air plants or artificial plants in them.

18. Round Wall Planters

Trailing plants are simply going to look amazing in similar round wall hanging planters.

19. A Pentagon Indoor Trellis

Wall Hanging Plant Decor Ideas 10

Not just pothos, you can train other indoor vines this way as well. See more vines and climbers to grow indoors here.

20. DIY Wooden Wall Planter

For this DIY, use a pre-made wooden pallet that you can get from any craft store. Everything else is explained here.

21. Multiple Planters on a White Wall

Wall Hanging Plant Decor Ideas 11

Hang multiple plants together on a wall and dominate the green look on a white backdrop.

22. Half-Face Planter

Image Source: mypeacefulmoment

Find cool-looking hanging planters like these to give a unique look to the wall.

23. Bamboo Hanging Planter

Wall Hanging Plant Decor Ideas 11
Image Source: nikkiofficial009

Decorate your wall with a bamboo planter and wrap a fake ivy creeper on it to give it a boho look.

24. Hanging Plants on the Wall

Hanging plants can make a boring wall interesting. This picture is an example.

25. Macrame on a Thin Wooden Log

Wall Hanging Plant Decor Ideas 15
Image Source: macramedalu

Get creative and hang a macrame on a thin wooden log to grow plants of your choice on a plain wall.

Check out more macrame planter ideas here

26. Macrame Plants Wall

Image Source: cordelia.macrame

You can have your own little green corner using these ideas.

27. Simple Hanging Plant Feature for Wall

Wall Hanging Plant Decor Ideas 17
Image Source: plantropika

Quite simple and easy to copy, this handy hanger arrangement will let you hang plants in different ways.

28. Metal Hangers by the Window

A large window will provide all the light your plants need while they hang by it on metal hangers.

29. Hanging Plant Bar Over a Book Shelf

Wall Hanging Plant Decor Ideas 18

Enjoy your favorite books and have leisure time while sitting right below the hanging plants!

30. Add a Plant Wall

Instead of hanging artwork, you can create a vertical plant wall.

31. DIY Plant Wall from a Steel Mesh

Image Source: lanaredstudio

Learn how it was made here.

32. Magnetic Planters on Wall

Image Source: honeycando

Using magnetic plates, hang planters on the wall and grow plants of your choice with ease. They are also very easy to move.



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